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Voiceover Policies and Payments


     Most authors like to hear how the prospective narrator will perform their words. I will be happy to supply a custom audition lasting no more than 5 minutes from your text.

     Choose 2-3 pages of your book for me to record. You may decide to choose pages from different scenes or chapters. For instance, I’d suggest an interaction between main characters in a fiction book.


When we agree that I will record your book, I’ll coordinate dates with my editor to establish 2 due dates for the audiobook:

  1. the first 15 minutes

  2. the complete audiobook


     I ask new clients to pay 50% of the fee as a non-refundable deposit after approving the 15-minute checkpoint file. Once I submit the full, retail-ready audiobook to you, I’ll send an invoice for the remaining balance. Payment is due upon receipt.

     The final invoice is based on actual finished time and may differ from my estimate.

     If we’d be contracting directly rather than going through ACX, I would withhold the end credits and retail sample until the invoice is paid.

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